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Pets brighten up even the best days. And we know some of you may be working from home still. So, in celebration of National Take Your Dog to Work Day, we are giving you some tips to make your at-home work day with your new coworker, more relaxed and stress-free.


When you’re working from home, you may notice your pets requiring more of your attention. They may not be used to you being home this often and are simply excited. When you need time to focus, find ways to entertain them. Leave toys out or introduce new ones. Put the TV or radio on to relax your pets. We recommend searching “relaxing videos for pets” on YouTube; there are videos 8-15 hours long.


You still need to take breaks while working from home. Pets not only brighten our day but lower our blood pressure at the end of a stressful one. So, take breaks throughout the day to leave you feeling mentally and physically refreshed. Go outside or take a short walk with your dog when they need a potty break.


We love our pets, but the last thing we need during that important Zoom call, is our cat jumping up on the desk or dog barking for our attention. With more time at home together, go back to the basics and reinforce some good habits. By teaching them how to lay down and introduce calming behaviors, teach your dog how to relax when needed. You may just have to leave your pet outside the room for your meeting, then snuggle them straight after.


If you are in the office, having your dog with you may allow you to interact with your coworkers in a whole new way. Dogs are a great icebreaker, and once your coworkers hear that your pup is in for the day, you may see more visitors to your workstation than ever before. It’s pretty obvious they will be a fun factor at work, but the better moods of your team members and communication and teamwork that may follow, will be beneficial to your overall work life.

When it's time for a reward for you and your pup, book a room at any of The Meritage Collection hotels and enjoy many amenities from private dog parks to dog beaches and special treats for your pet.

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