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While wearing a face mask has been this season's must-wear accessory, they can wreak havoc on your skin. Below are tips from our pros for a beautiful “unmasking” DIY facial:

Masks can trap oil, sweat and dirt on your skin and you might find “hot spots” where parts of the mask cause irritation from frequent adjusting.

A two-step treatment focused first on a gentle cleansing and exfoliation should become part of your daily ritual. Cleanse prior to putting your mask on and then after you take it off for the day, cleanse again and exfoliate. Make sure to find products that are good oil and dirt fighters, without compromising the skin's barrier.

The T-Zone has been replaced with the Mask Zone.

Heat will cause more moisture where you wear your mask, that may lead to enlarged pores, congestion and even breakouts. Spot treatment with salicylic acid or alpha hydroxy are key for the inflamed areas.

Create healthy hydration by lightly tapping in a quick-absorbing hyaluronic serum followed by a lightweight moisturizer. During the day you still want to have the SPF when possible because UV rays can be sneaky, even under a mask!

Inflammation relief

The ultimate “unmasking” relief comes from your trusty Jade Roller or Gua Sha. Soothing passes under the eyes, across the forehead, and across the cheek bones not only reduces puffiness, but it can help tame the redness and calm the skin. Pro Tip: although naturally cold, placing your covered skin care tools in the fridge adds an extra moment of chill.

Make a statement with your lashes…and that’s it.

Ditch the make-up! You're beautiful just as you are, and your skin will thank you for the break.

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