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Life’s new reality: you’re home now for at least a few weeks with your kids, not knowing how to fill time since playdates and outings are limited.It wasn’t so long ago you could say, “head to Jenny’s house,” or “play at the pool,” but those options are currently off the table.However, now there’s the opportunity to use this time to bring the family together, connect and develop deeper relationships with your spouse, children, aunts, uncles, parents and grandparents.

In order to do this, we have to unplug from our devices. We are all guilty of streaming our favorite Netflix series, scanning social media for hours, or playing games on our iPhones.Before long, a family of five is scattered alone in five different rooms, hooked to their favorite technology. During this extra time you have as a family, it’s important to take the opportunity to connect away from the TVs, iPads and phones.

Need some ideas? How about these oldies but goodies: Monopoly, Jenga, Pictionary, jigsaw puzzles, Scattergories, 5 Second Rule or even the Sequence Game.Not into games?Try watching a movie as a family, or taking a neighborhood walk.

Additionally, you can share stories at the family dinner table about how you met your spouse, the adventures you had as a teenager, and interesting life experiences your family may not yet fully know.

The key is to appreciate and maximize this time as a family, together.Though life is presenting challenges, the flipside is having the gift of time at home with your family.Cherish these moments – the laughter, the stories, and most of all, cherish the people who matter most.

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