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Autumn is a natural time for self-reflection and thankful hearts. It creates awareness for changing of the seasons and with that we shed our summer mind and give in to the cooler comforts of fall. We believe that this is a wonderful time of year for self-care as we prepare for the busy holiday season. Here are a few of our favorite self-love moments to try as we usher in a new equinox.

Bake a pie

  • There is something so meditative about slowing down, grabbing your favorite family recipe (or just a tasty one from Pinterest) and following the instructions. We love to share these occasions with those we love and carve out time to peel some apples and sweeten our relationships.

Slow down and savor the moment with a 10-minute meditation

  • Setting intentions and focusing on mind, body, and soul for just a short amount a time has so many wonderful benefits. From relieving insomnia and reducing blood pressure to creating space for joyous moments. Carve out 10 minutes at the beginning or middle of your day and spend some time with you. Need a little guidance, our director of wellness, Kenzie Vath, has a couple of meditation videos to guide you.

Decorate pumpkins

  • Every year we carve the same pumpkin. Big knife, lots of elbow grease, crooked teeth. This time hone your skill by adding to your gourd instead of taking away. With each bead, feather, paint stroke, set a new intention for positive energy you want to have reflect this season. At the end of your intension session, take a moment to admire your positivity.

Treat yourself to a hot stone massage

  • Many of us have had the joy of a massage. Not only are there so many wonderful healing benefits to a massage, but it also allows us to connect body and mind. Set some time aside to visit a spa and before your therapist begins take a few deep breaths and scan your body finding awareness to every inch from the top of your head to the slight wiggle of your toes. Need to make a reservation, visit Aarna Spa, The Spa at Ko’a Kea or Spa Terra.

Visit a Farmer’s Market

  • Like us, mother nature loves fall. Bringing us a plentiful harvest of ripe fruits and vegetables. Take a stroll to your local farmer’s market and enjoy the spectrum of colors of produce in-season such as mushrooms, onions, beet tops, artichokes, and of course pumpkins.

Make a soup or stew

  • After your farmer’s market visit, celebrate with a hearty stew or soup. With each sip mindfully connect with every flavorful ingredient and take a minute to savor the warmth of the fall harvest.

Write down what you want to let go of

  • This year has brought a whirlwind of emotions for us all. As the seasons change, we can begin to set on a new path of positivity and optimism. Shed those negative feelings and the things you would like to let go of. Then, set your intentions by writing down a couple of words that you want the next few months to be inspired by.

Try out a new hobby – knitting or quilting

  • We love knitting or quilting in the fall months because not only has it demonstrated to lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and stress, slow the onset of dementia, and reduce loneliness, but it also provides a cozy, warm result that you can share with a loved one or enjoy for yourself.

Grab your favorite sweater and warm socks and go for a nature walk

  • Cozy is the word that comes to mind for us when it comes to fall. So, grab your favorite sweater or hoodie, slip on a pair of warm socks, and set forth on a nature hike. Take a moment to reflect on the sounds, the surrounding, the touch of cool breeze on your skin, and all the beauty that Mother Nature has in store for your stroll.

Enjoy a cup of tea or pumpkin latte

  • Tea has been a calming and comforting ritual throughout history. It helps calm and center the mind along with providing rich antioxidants. Pour yourself a tasty tea and take a moment to mindfully experience every flavor and note. This will bring a sense of grounding, peace, and gratitude into your daily life. Not a tea lover? Pumpkin spice lattes might be your thing. Check out our own recipe of the infamous brew.
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