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Today, September 22, 2020, marks as the Fall equinox. Many of you might be wondering what the fall (also knows as autumnal) equinox is. On the fall equinox (“Equinox comes from the Latin words “aequi,” which means equal, and “nox,” or night. ), the amount of daylight is nearly equal to the hours of darkness. The equinox happens for just a moment.

Fall begins in the northern hemisphere while spring begins in the southern hemisphere. Marking the first day of fall for all us in the northern parts of the world. So welcome fall, were glad to have you.

Many of us are ready for new beginnings. Going back to school, getting your hair done for the first time in months, pulling out scarves and boots preparing for the cool weather. All of these actions create change in our environment. Change may feel scary at times or it may just be what you need in this very moment. Come embrace a new change or start a new beginning for today’s Fall equinox.

According to "The people of the British Isles have given thanks at fall harvest festivals since pagan times. Harvest festivals traditionally were held on the Sunday nearest the Harvest Moon. Early English settlers took the harvest festival tradition with them to America. These tradition festivals, once celebrated around the equinox, formed the basis of American Thanksgiving, which we now celebrate in November."

Feel free to make your own traditions:

Burning Ritual: write down old thoughts, past habits and emotions you are ready to release. Carefully burn away those old habits and make space to bring in new ones.

Appearance: Maybe it is time for a change of appearance. Have you been wanting to express yourself more? Maybe a new outfit, hair color, eyeshadow or a new pair of shoes. Make a positive shift to the person you want to look at in the mirror every morning.

Friends: Meet someone new this season. I know it might not seem easy, but the world is at your fingertips with our social media platforms. Use your platform for good. Connect with like-minded people and notice your true self igniting.

Space: It’s time to clean, purge and create space in your closet, kitchen, garage; you know where its most needed.

Welcome Fall! Welcome New Beginnings!

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