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We are what we eat. And we are as productive as the space in which we work. In today’s world, separating work from our families can bring some challenges which can result in negative work performance. Let’s start with the purpose of “Feng Shui.” The literal translation means “wind and water”. This traditional Chinese concept guides us with basic guiding rules of how-to live in harmony with our surroundings:

Guiding Rule #1: AIR + LIGHT:
Feng Shui is all about bringing energy into the space. Assure there is good lighting – both artificial as well as natural - and a fresh flow of air. Those are two basic guiding principles of creating the right work environment. Allow the natural light, also called the super nutrient, along with light walls and good air circulation to bring more energy into your workspace.

Guiding Rule #2: COMMAND CENTER:
Carefully planning the right position of your desk is one of the steps of Feng Shui principles. Having a solid wall behind you with additional wall decorations, furniture or a plant establishes a powerful command position. The location of your desk and direction you are facing allows you to see any upcoming opportunities. Facing a wall simply communicates a lack of interest and any collaboration.

Having a harmony of colors that bring energy to the room with simple and functional furniture will increase one’s creativity, focus and level of productivity. Consider a nice balance of artwork, plants and enough space for storage.

Guiding Rule #4: FUNCTION + INTENTION:
What is the office intended for? A full-time home office space requires a much more comfortable chair and larger storage then a place where you just check your personal email once or twice a week. Don’t be afraid to invest in good quality furniture if you are planning on spending most of your day in this home office space. You may also consider a standup desk, or even better, a treadmill desk. Even though it can be hard, try to avoid sharing a single office space with other people. Lastly, never put storage furniture in the office that is not related to work. Storing toys, for example, will make your children think they can come in anytime they please to get what they want which will greatly distract you. Don’t even allow them to do homework or draw in your office. It only creates a distraction and makes them think it’s their space as well.

Guiding Rule #5: STORAGE VS CLUTTER:
In just a couple of words, limit clutter. Nobody can be very effective with piles of paper, no filing cabinets and way too much stuff on your desk. This also applies to your filing system of digital files. Plan accordingly based on the type of work you do.

“In its highest and purest form, good Feng Shui signifies perfect alignment between inner and outer worlds.” - Lada Ray

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