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by Kenzie Vath | Director of Wellness and Sustainability

I’m sure you jumped to the idea of a group meditation for your meeting. Yes, very effective and easy to do; plus, I would highly recommend if you haven’t tried it for your group. “Alexa, guide me through todays meditation.”

But, what about something new and creative. We are in an ever-changing world and we have to adapt. However, keep in mind you have the power on how you plan to adapt. Meeting groups are getting smaller, going digital and being completely canceled all together. We need to stay connected more than ever to regulate our emotions and promote self-esteem.


Instead of the go to meditation; ‘please do if you’re not doing’, why not try a self-esteem workshop on zoom. With any group size start your meeting with one nice complement to a team member, that team member sends a complement to another etc. etc. If vulnerable verbal communication is not the gig for your group, do it through the chat. “PS I like your new digital zoom background!”


Zoom or in-person accountability: make the group participate in an activity. Lead a stretch at your desk, 10 jumping jacks before we get to business, have the jokester in the group lead with a laugh, allow 10 extra minutes for the meeting just to chat and connect. Connection is the key to staying healthy and well.


If you’re a rowdy group, play one of your favorite top hits and have a 3-4-minute dance party? Get your teams pumped, connected and building positive lasting memories for a lifetime.


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