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Looking for a way to add a little relaxation and zen time into the household? Normal life can get so hectic that we sometimes let those small, yet most precious, moments slip away from us. That is why during this time, it’s important to enjoy every moment and take advantage of being with your loved ones--but in a blissful way, of course! That’s why our Spa Director, Brisa Huezo, (a hard-working mom of three) is spilling the details on how to curate the perfect spa day at home for the family.


“The most important aspect of a spa is the ambiance,” says Brisa. “And that can be easy to duplicate in your home!” She suggests starting by putting on your cozy robes and slippers, then turning on some relaxing tranquil music, spraying some aromatherapy in lavender or eucalyptus, and turning on the kettle to make some calming tea (preferably in fancy cups, just for fun).


You can then begin the pampering with pedicures and manicures and remember: it’s not about perfection, it’s about having fun together. While you wait for your nails to dry, take a sip of that calming tea and enjoy the moment. We recommend chamomile for relaxation, cranberry to help boost immunity or mint to help with digestion, skin, hair and comfort.


Once your nails and toes are dry and looking fabulous, it’s facial time! Brisa shared her favorite DIY face mask that’s safe for kids. And bonus: you can probably find all the ingredients necessary right in your refrigerator.

“Put some plain yogurt, honey, oats, avocado, and a smashed banana in a bowl and mix it together until you have a mask consistency,” she says. “Then apply it to your face for about 20 minutes.”


After applying that mask to your face, it’s time to create a cucumber eye mask! Slice the cucumbers and apply it over your eyes for a nice cooling and hydrating feel.Then sit back while enjoying the relaxing music along with light bites such as fruit and almonds, fresh veggies and hummus or chocolates.

Remember, the spa experience is about slowing down, focusing on the present moment, and selfcare. You can make it as fancy and as fun as you wish, it’s up to you on how to create YOUR perfect spa day.

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