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The Osmosis Colour Difference!

Mineral Makeup is making headlines everywhere you look today. It is available from drugstore cosmetic lines all the way up to the most expensive, high-end department store brands. Are all minerals created equal? Can today's woman expect similar quality and performance from anything called Mineral Makeup? Is this just a fad or trend that contains no real benefits and will pass through the market? No, no! Let's look at the Osmosis Colour Difference to understand what sets this line apart.

Osmosis Colour is elegant, gorgeous to wear, simple to apply and healthy for the skin. It provides weightless coverage, protection from the environment, which includes physical UV protection and is safe for all skin conditions and types. Each formulation, pressed or loose, is designed with specific levels of mineral compounds and pigments for the best performance. What this means is that your color will stay true throughout the day and will not oxidize on the skin highlighting fine lines, wrinkles or pore size. Osmosis Colour also offers categories based on coverage, finish and ingredient blend. All this goodness comes with options that fit everyone's lifestyle and preference. To give a beautiful, natural and seamless finish, the powders are triple milled. This ensures that the powders are similar in size and shape for a much more even finish. Remember, minerals come from the earth and in their raw form, they exhibit different sizes and shapes. Osmosis triple mills the powders, which keeps all the good qualities that minerals offer and takes away the irregularities that may affect performance. By popular request, the pressed components are refillable in the base, blush and eye shadow. Everyone has a choice!

One of the most exciting advantages in the Osmosis Colour line is the addition of the exclusive Goji Berry Blend, Amino Acid and Protein Complex, Vitamins and Antioxidants. Colour contains 19 amino acids, is rich in Complex B vitamin, Vitamin E essential fatty acids, DNA protection, 21 trace minerals, powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial compounds, an anti-inflammatory agent and special polysaccharides which fortify your immune system. Colour leaves out parabens, talc and dyes. Minerals cool the skin, so Colour is the perfect choice to apply before and after sun, wind or treatments that can leave the skin red and/or irritated. It is the perfect choice for Rosacea and Acne as it calms, cools and covers. It is the perfect extension to the Osmosis Skin Care line.

Something I invite you to consider is the brush that will be used to apply the Minerals. The tools can really make the difference in the way that minerals look and wear on the skin. Osmosis Colour has a very nice line of Pony & Goat hairbrushes, super soft brushes that pick up and apply the minerals beautifully. These brushes are able to pick up just the right amount of minerals and apply them smoothly and evenly. They are cut and put together by hand. These brushes are a beautiful investment and the payoff is immediate. Try them for yourself and see what a difference the right tools make.

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