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WINE4FOOD - It’s hard to get sick of drinking wine, but you don’t have to only drink wine. That is, you don’t have to only drink wine. At these spas around the world, you can get wine smeared all over your body. You can let wine remove your dead skin or make you glow or take ten years off your face. You can literally bathe in wine. As a skin care ingredient, wine has many known benefits. Most notably, “red wine is rich in antioxidants,” says Dr. Pamela Norden, a dermatologist in Wellesley, Massachusetts. She mentions the antioxidant resveratrol, which is found in red wine and known to help with anti-aging. Sparkling wines and champagnes can help to reverse aging, too. Dr. Katherine Bruya Reed, board-certified dermatologist in Spokane Washington, says that bubbly “contains polyphenols that are rich in antioxidants and can attempt to reverse photo damage and aging changes.” Champagne, she adds, “also contains tartaric acid, which has lightening effects and could even out skin tone if used regularly.” Here are some spas around the world where you can stretch out, close your eyes, and let wine make you even more relaxed and beautiful.

Napa, California
Next time you go to Napa, it’s worth it to stay at The Meritage Resort and Spa just to experience a spa in a 22,000 square-foot wine cave. Try the “Solo Vino” treatment and you’ll be exfoliated with a cabernet grapeseed scrub, body-wrapped in wine-cave mud, and sated with a glass of wine and a cheese plate. Another decadent option is the “Uncork” treatment: in addition to that grapeseed scrub, enjoy a wine-and-rosehip mud wrap, and at the end, a slathering of grapeseed lotion.


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