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ZOE REPORT - New Year's Eve is one of those mystical, enigmatic types of holidays that, even though festivities virtually only last a few hours, it somehow motivates you to concoct the most ideal situation for yourself. This generally tends to disappoint due to restrictive work schedules, lack of willing participants for aforementioned ideal situation, or a range of possibilities from tight budgets to lack of childcare/petcare. Obviously, planning a trip requires time, but we'd venture to guess many of you are still sorting out your last-minute New Year's Eve plans — if this is the case, do read on.

The very thought of cobbling together a getaway in the 11th hour may seem daunting but that's what the internet is for, friends. Tapping industry experts and employing some wanderlust-fueled imagination, the following roundup of ideas for celebrating New Year's Eve should be useful no matter the type of night you're looking to have (e.g., relaxing indoors, a fancy fête, etc.) or where in the world you'd like to run off to.

Before diving into the (literal) world of possibilities, a few effective tips for hacking a smart and as-cost-effective-as-possible flight now that you're booking a ticket a mere few weeks out.

Wine and Dine In Napa

What sounds better than indulging your inner wine nerd in Napa, California with your friends? The Meritage Resort and Spa is commencing the evening with a winemaker's candlelit dinner in their grand estate cave. Afterward, head over to their Carneros ballroom for jazz, dancing, and a midnight toast.


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