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The Meritage Resort and Spa

Fall is in the air, which makes it the perfect time to reflect inward and set an intention for the rest of the year. While a full social calendar is something we love around the holidays, sometimes we forget to step back and take time for ourselves. Our monthly retreats at the Meritage provide a guided space for guests to relax and reflect. The Sunday Edit said it best in their article 6 Wellness Retreats to Consider This Fall when they wrote,

Though Napa is traditionally known for its wine, there are other treasures in this region of California. In fact, you may just learn a thing or two about your sixth sense if you book a stay at The Meritage Resort & Spa. Here, they offer a ‘trust your intuition’ retreat that teaches guests how to tune in to their inner voice, rather than allowing stress to lead your thought. During this experience, you’ll learn about channeling your intuition, as well as enjoy a tarot card reading and a guided sound journey.

Our next Trust your Intuition retreat is on November 21st, and aims to provide practical and educational experiences through workshops, movement, relaxation, and the opportunity to reduce stress, increase vitality and engage with our community of healers, teachers and practitioners. We hope that you consider joining us!

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