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Trying to stay healthy when our daily activities are limited is rough, no question about it. But try taking this time to look at the positives! All of those things that have been on your “when I have time” list can now be checked off. Below are 12 ideas for ways to spend this new gift of time we’ve all received.

  1. Remember those pants in your closet that you haven’t worn in 10 years? Clean em’ out!Along with all of the items that, if they disappeared tomorrow, you wouldn’t notice.
  2. While you’re at it, clean those parts of your house you may have been overlooking lately. How’s that balcony looking after the last three storms? How many dust bunnies are living under you bed? Time to tackle them!
  3. Clean out those kitchen cupboards. Anyone else have salad dressing from 2014?
  4. Clean up your computer files. All those pictures you wanted to organize by trip—let’s do some dragging!
  5. Bring out the spices! All those recipes you’ve been ripping out of magazines? Get going, Emeril!
  6. Did anyone really see all the Oscar nominated movies? This is the perfect time to catch up.
  7. All those books you keep buying from Amazon but then move to your bookshelf? Crack them open and actually read them!
  8. Gyms are closed but chances are you have about 10 exercise apps on your phone you’ve downloaded but haven’t actually used. Put that athletic wear you’ve been wearing to good use and work up a sweat.
  9. That black mark on the wall in the hallway, or that bathroom door that creaks every time you close it? Let’s fix those now.
  10. Remember how you’ve said, “I would like to learn Spanish,” bought the program and left it sitting in the box? Ahora es un buen momento!
  11. One of the keys to happiness is always having something to look forward to. Create a list of where you plan to visit when this is all over. And it doesn’t need to be that safari in South Africa right now. Perhaps it’s as simple as going to your favorite restaurant.
  12. Times are hard.But take a moment and create a list of everything you are grateful for and review that every day you wake up, then again and every night before you go to bed. Keep adding to it as the days progress.Gratitude keeps us moving forward, even in the face of adversity.
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