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World Oceans Day

For the many people who don’t live by the ocean it may seem that your daily choices don’t affect our vast waters. But shockingly they do!

Even though the coastal life is a minority in sunny Southern California we are all part of a larger whole. The packaging we use and how we dispose of that packaging are conscious decisions we can make to support a cleaner environment. Here are a few best practices to maintain clean oceans from our Director of Wellness and Sustainability, Kenzie Vath:

  • Reduce Plastic Usage: Ongoing usage of plastics can have a negative impact to your health. Be sure to only buy BPA free plastics to avoid toxic exposure from microplastics. Single use plastics are the main culprit to the large garbage patches in our Pacific Ocean. Try switching over to reusable resources for your everyday plastic products. Here are a few of my personal favorites. PS Always remember to Recycle!
  • Support Companies working to keep our oceans clean. Many of our coastal properties sell products from companies such a 4Oceans doing their part to clean our oceans.
  • Volunteering is another great way to connect with your community and show love to mother earth. Participate in a local beach clean up.
  • When eating seafood lean towards sustainable options. A great resource for knowing what is best to eat in your area is the Seafood Watch guide. You will find a recommendation list for the following seafood options; best choices, good alternatives and avoid.

Join us to keep our oceans clean and thriving. Happy World Oceans Day!

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