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Whether you own or rent, we spend a lot of time at home - especially during shelter in place! Take some time this week to make sure your home is helping you stay healthy!

KEEP IT DRY - Moisture in homes has been linked to a wide range of health problems, from respiratory problems to lead poisoning, from accidental injury to asthma.
KEEP IT CLEAN - A clean home helps ensure that people are not exposed to contaminants and chemicals, and that pests don’t have food, water, and a place to live.
KEEP IT PEST-FREE - Studies show that there is acausal relationship between mice and cockroach exposure and asthma episodes
KEEP IT SAFE - Most childhood injuries occur at home. Falls, poisoning, and burns are the three most common residential injuries for children.
KEEP IT CONTAMINATE-FREE - Homes have many potential contaminant exposure risks, including lead, radon, pesticides, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s),tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide, and asbestos.
KEEP IT VENTILATED - Studies show that respiratory health is related to access to fresh air, increasing a home’s fresh air supply reduces moisture, improves air quality, and increases respiratory health.
KEEP IT MAINTAINED - Neglected homes are more at risk for moisture, pest, lead paint and accidental injury than homes that are properly maintained.

Day 1 – Look for signs of mold in your home and find the source of the moisture. Make sure bathrooms have exhaust, or add a dehumidifier.
Day 2 – Take stock of where your chemicals a restored as well as food. Establish cleaning responsibilities in your household.
Day 3 – Check the backs of your cabinets and drawers for any signs of pests. Be proactive and make sure your home is routinely checked and sprayed as needed.
Day 4 – Most people with kids have child-proofed their home, but is it adult proof? Inspect your home for sharp corners, and always make sure your burners are turned off after cooking.
Day 5 - Does your home have a carbon monoxide alarm? When was the last time your air filters were replaced? Do you know where your water comes from? Make sure you know what you're exposed to
Day 6 – Open a window or turn on fans to ensure air is circulating in your home. It may be time to get those ducts cleaned too!
Day 7 – Create a calendar and set reminders to change batteries in your smoke detector, deep clean your carpets, etc.

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