Partnership with Connolly Ranch

As a kid & child friendly hotel in Napa Valley, Vista Collina Resort loves kids of all kinds. So, we’ve adopted a baby goat at nearby Connolly Ranch Education Center, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Vista Collina is also donating $1 from each item on our Napa Valley restaurants' kids’ menu to help support the Ranch’s mission of connecting children and families to nature through farm-based education. Stop by Connolly Ranch to meet Loretta, and learn about life on the ranch. Schedule your “Farm Friday” or private visit at

Kids’ Menu

(Available at the Fivetown Grocery, Pool and our In-Room Dining in Napa Valley)

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich | Fries $10
Kids’ Flatbread | Mozzarella, Tomato $13
Crispy Chicken Fingers | French Fries, Ranch $13
Burger | White Cheddar, Fries $13
Hot Dog | French Fries $13


Did You Know?

• Connolly Ranch is home to more than 85 barnyard animals
• Goats can be taught their name and come when called
• Baby goats are standing and taking their first steps within minutes of being born
• Goats are very good at climbing; they can climb to the tops of trees
• Like human kids, baby goats like to snuggle

*menu subject change