Wellness Around the World Event
June 17,18,19

America the brave. Home to purple mountains' majesty and amber waves of grain. It’s an amazing country, but let’s be honest — we don’t always get everything right. One thing Americans are notoriously bad at is slowing down and carving out time for ourselves. We work (too) hard. We glorify busyness — all at the expense of our health.

It’s time we look outside our borders and learn a thing or two about holistic wellness from around the world.


International Self-Care Day
July 24 | 1pm – 2pm

International Self-Care Day, July 24 each year, provides a focus and opportunity to raise the profile of healthy lifestyle self-care programs around the world.

Self-care is not selfish. You must fill your own cup before you can pour it into others. Self-care is important to maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself. Treat yourself to an afternoon dedicated to beauty and skincare which culminates with a take-home gift.


Happy Fall Y'All
October 7,8,9

Celebrate the changing of the seasons! Autumn is symbolic of plenty, ripening, harvest, abundance, and represents a time for personal transformations.

One of the most exciting times to visit Napa Valley is during harvest when the grapes have ripened and the picking begins.