Mustangs & Burros
Local To-Go Menu
Mustangs & Burros is offering a special to-go menu for our local community.

Mustangs & Burros is offering a special to-go menu that will be available for low-touch curbside pick-up at the resort’s valet.

Place a to-go order in March and ENJOY 20% OFF DINE-IN MEAL at Mustangs & Burros once we resume operations.


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Mustangs & Burros
Fresh Produce Bag with Curb-side Pick Up
Let us do the shopping for you!

Enjoy a fresh produce bag hand selected by our Executive Chef Vincent Savignano himself. Select a fresh produce bag by the weight:

5lbs for $10 | 10lbs for $20 | 20lbs for $40

Place your order today and don't wait in line.

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Mustangs & Burros
Alcoholic Beverages Curb-side Pick Up
Order wine, beer and crafted cocktails to make your dinner perfect.

Along with fresh produce baskets and light touch curb-side pickup options, Mustangs & Burro's offers beverage add-on option.

Click on more details to see the full selection of wine, beer and crafted cocktails

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Mustangs & Burros
Chef Vincent's Recipes
Cook your favorite Estancia meals from your house!

Our Executive Chef Vincent Savignano has compiled his favorite recipes to cook at home including a delicious vegan corn chowder, healthy nosh bars and Estancia's signature cocktails, The Green Goddess and a Baja Spritz!

Click on more details and enjoy.

Not in a mood to mix your own cocktails? We got you covered. Check-out our beverage menu available for a curb-side pick up.

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