May & Mother's Day Spa Offerings

Get a gift with the purchase of any of our TRINITAS treatments for the month of May. Plus the treatment comes with a complimentary glass of wine. PLUS, we will gift flowers for our mother’s that visit us on Mother's Day.


Wine drenched skin! Relax and regenerate with this wine inspired sensory massage. Surrender yourself to ultimate vino therapy as you harmonize your body and calm your mind. A relaxation massage combined with a luxurious silky massage balm will leave tense muscles soothed and restored, while your skin is left nourished and glowing. Served with a glass of our house made TRINITAS wine.

50-minute $185 M-TH, $205 FSS | 80-minute $278 M-Th, not available FSS


Vino therapy at its finest! This luxurious anti-aging facial, developed in France, features Pinot Noir. This treatment infuses your skin with a cocktail of potent antioxidants and Vitamin C. Plants have their own defense mechanism and the power to rejuvenate, this behavior is mimicked for your skin. Pinot Noir extract work synergistically with blackcurrant to restore your skin to a soft, vibrant state that is protected, nourished, and deeply hydrated. Served with a glass of our house made TRINITAS wine.

50-minute $185 M-Th, $205 FSS


Powered by the noble Burgundy vineyards, a bi-phase Chardonnay sugar exfoliation and unique rinsing technique nourishes and rejuvenates. Indulge with a cloud-like textured cream that is designed to envelope and revitalize the skin, leaving a healthy glow. Boost cellular renewal and deeply hydrate with this antioxidant rich, head-to-toe decadence. Served with a glass of our house made TRINITAS wine.

50 min $185 M-Th, $205 FSS

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