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Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa

Summertime is in full swing at Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa! What better way to kick off summer than sipping on colorful, delicious cocktails that are perfect for weeknights on the balcony or a backyard BBQ!

In celebration of Pride Month, our in-house mixologist Valeria Murrieta shares her recipes on how to make her favorite pride cocktails this summer. One recipe even includes a popsicle! We are celebrating PRIDE all July long with cocktails and room packages for a cause in partnership with San Diego Pride.

Visit Mustangs & Burros or Greenfinch Restaurant & Bar checkout our Pride Cocktail Menu, which is available the entire month of July.

Come experience any PRIDE cocktail and and help us support San Diego Pride.


Red – Watermelon Sugar Fire: Habanero infused Tito’s Vodka, Watermelon Chamoy Paleta, Watermelon, Tajin

Orange – Tickling Tequila: Valencia Orange 21 Seeds Agave Spirit, Aperol, Lemon Juice, Sandia Kombucha

Yellow – Tepache Highball: Malahat White Rum, Tepache, Pineapple, Agave

Green – Common Sense: Maestro Dobel, Cointreau, Coconut, Avocado, Lime, Agave

Blue/ Indigo – Butterfly Effect: Earl Grey, Blackberries, Thyme, Lemon, Honey (nonalcoholic)

Purple – Love Wins!: Casa Noble Tequila, Lavender, Butterfly Pea Tea, Lemon

Don’t have time to stop by and see us? Try Valeria’s top 3 favorite cocktails:


2 oz. 21 Seeds Valencia Orange Agave Spirit

1 oz. Aperol

.50 Lemon Juice

1 oz. Kombucha to top off.

Garnish: Lemon Wheel

Shake 2 Seeds, Aperol, and Lemon. Pour into a tall glass with ice and top off with Watermelon Kombucha (amazing with any citrus kombucha as well). Garnish with a Lemon Wheel.


2 oz Y&Y Habanero Vodka

1 oz watermelon juice

1 oz lime

1 oz. simple syrup

Garnish: Tajin Rim and Paleta

For the paleta, Blend Tajin, chamoy and Watermelon Juice and freeze on popsicle mold for 12 – 24 hrs. For the infusion, slice one habanero pepper and drop it in the bottle of You & Yours Summer Citrus Vodka. Let the vodka soak up the flavor from the pepper.

For the cocktail: Add Vodka, Watermelon juice, lime juice and simple syrup to a shaker with ice and shake until frosty. Prep your rocks glass with a takin rim and pour cocktail, in with NO ice. Use a paleta as your ice, which will just increase flavor as it melts and will keep your cocktail chill the entire time.


1.5 oz Monkey Shoulder

1 oz Amaro Nonino

.5 oz Black Pepper Syrup

.5 oz Lemon

.5 Coconut Water

Garnish: Lemon twist

For the pepper syrup:

Have 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water into a pot. Add 3 tablespoons of freshly crushed black pepper and bring to boil. Strain and chill.


Add all ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously until frosty on the outside. Double strain and pour into a rock glass with a single rock ice cube. Garnish with a lemon twist

Celebrate Pride all month long with a getaway to our hidden gem and give back to San Diego Pride.

This room package includes:

  • Pride-themed chocolate truffles made in-house
  • Bottle of wine
  • Complimentary self-parking ($35 daily value)
  • Waived resort fee ($35 daily value.)

Estancia La Jolla will donate $25 to San Diego Pride for every Love is Love rooms package booked.


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